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Club calendar updated 11/11/2017


Our next event:

Sunday, November 19th - 11AM - 3PM
"Hot Rod" Burger King -  4201 Hempstead Tpke, Bethpage - Map of location here.

 This location is always a Club favorite. Bethpage Burger King has a long and rich history of being the Hot Rod hang out back in the 70's. The lot always fills up quickly so it's a good idea to arrive early.

B.K. is located on Rt 24 1/4 mi. West of Rt 135 (W/B side).

As usual this should be another great event. Again it's this Sunday weather permitting!!


Sad news, the passing of club VP Chris Jordan:

L.I. Mopars Members,

It's with a very heavy heart I have to announce the passing of a very dear and true friend (Club V.P.) Chris Jordan. Chris was the type of friend that everyone would want to have. He was always calm and relaxed. He kept me grounded when I would get frustrated. You would never see him agitated, or complain and he was always there for you.

Chris was loved by everyone in the Club and we knew he would be at every Club meet. If I arrived at an event before Chris, someone would inevitably ask..."where's Chris"?

Chris had a great passion for the people of the Club and truly loved this hobby.

Chris will be greatly missed by myself and everyone in the Club that had the pleasure to know this fine man. At 58 he left us way too soon...but the memories he left with us...will live on forever.

We will eventually heal and find a way to celebrate his life.

There will be no Memorial services per his Brother.


1/1/2017 - Message from Club President Rich:

L.I. Mopars Members,

What an amazing eleventh year we had !!

We just continue to keep on growing. We have blasted past the 950 mark of dedicated and very passionate members!!!

I would believe its safe to say that we are probably the largest Car Club on Long Island and maybe the largest Mopar Club on the east coast ... and still dues free.

I once again thank Club Vice President Chris for his nthusiasm in assisting me in finding some new...and bringing back some old killer events. Big thanks to Webmaster Lee for his regular website updates and Andy for his " Classic " L.I. Mopars Videos and the creation of the original club website, Ron and Iris for their great help at Carlisle with running everything at the tent and the usual help from Robin, Frank, Ann, Fred and Rosalie. You guys all did an amazing job to make Carlisle a trip to always look forward to.

We were #3 at Carlisle this year for the most registered show cars with 56. The leading Clubs had just a few more cars...and from what I hear were Modern Mopars from Pennsylvania already!! We cruise 250+/- miles with classic cars. I believe that makes us #1 for true grit!!

In looking back at this year's events this was yet another killer season. Club Member Barry once again hosted our 4th swap meet...and provided yet another great breakfast at his KRP Electronics store in Farmingdale. Thank you Barry!! (Great to see we finally had good weather).

Paul's Rods and Resto's did another great job along with Pep Boys of Lindenhurst and Hicksville and Hooters. Special thanks to Member Dean N. (of East to West) in conjunction with our friend Rich at Millers Ale House. Miller's had a great charity event for our War heroes. All were very generous to the Club.

Speaking of charities we were invited to participate/contribute in the Toys for Tots, Sandy Kane's show at Sears and the Veterans home in Yaphank. I received a special honor (Dean N. again) in participating with my Road Runner in the Veterans Day Parade in Manhattan. A truly humbling experience to honor our Veterans which have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Last and certainly not least I would like to thank all of you...the easy going and loyal Long Island MOPARs Members. All of you came out and made the meets what they were!! Everyone kept it safe, enjoyed one another's company and of course had fun.

The way I look at it these cars are a blast but will always be secondary to their owners which is what makes this hobby so much fun. It is all about the people, their comradery, their stories and the passionate bond we share for these cars. Of course our Chrysler cars have their unique style, sound and performance which will never be seen again. Years ago Chrysler may have been the little guy of the Big 3, but our rides now are the most respected and coveted due to their great style, engineering, and low production volumes.

My goals for the club are still the same...always find new locations and recruit as many members as possible. New locations make it interesting, and more members make for greater turnouts. I would also like to do more in the way of the physical cruises. Also to bring more meets further east and more benefit type events for our community.

Since this will always be a club by the people and for the people...I still encourage everyone to take the ball and run with it, specifically in finding interesting and new locations for club meets. A venue that can hold at least 50 cars. Usually an eatery, or any type of business. Feel free to shoot me an E-mail. Again I am only the caretaker of the club since this is still everyone's Club to grow with.

We still encourage everyone to help with recruiting new members by seeking out anyone they can with a Mopar/AMC product at a local cruise night to join in on the fun. Joining is still painless and free. Just have them google us and go to the website and click on "join ". They can simply Email me too. Don't forget to tell them I get to test drive their fastest car for a weekend :)

We will again try to arrange a dinner/movie night this winter. We have seen Vanishing Point (both versions along with some classic Mopar commercials). If anyone knows of a restaurant...preferably with a private room and LARGE TV, drop me a line.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2017.

MOPAR to Ya!!



Big congratulations to Club member Steve for the trophy he received for his new ride!  Steve won the trophy at the Old Westbury Gardens show.

The car looks great Steve

Click photo to enlarge

- Webmaster Andy V's dad's 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 was featured in Long Island Newsday's "Automobiles" section in January 2013.  Click here to see the story.

A few entertaining automotive related links:

The story of a son's search for the 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS sold by his father years earlier.  

Film of automotive assembly line taken in 1936.


A group of drag racers has created for fellow racing enthusiasts looking to get drag racing back on Long Island.  Check 'em out!

Below is a message from Bill Carberry:

To any car club members or classic car hobbyists out there that have not heard of SEMA, this is what it is all about. Us getting a voice with state and federal government officials to voice our opinions on what is important to our hobby. Protecting our hobby from those that do not know or care about classic vehicles.  

If you want to have a voice you should join SAN (SEMA Action Network). Please see the attached form, print it out and then go on the SAN site and join up (click on 'Click here to join'). It is free and will help our hobby in having a voice that government officials will not want to ignore.  

Interesting MOPAR Video (About 9 minutes) - Mopars: Junkyard Wrecks to Street Kings

Submitting your car to Newsday

Below is a E-mail from our friend Dave at Newsday.

If you would like to see your car featured in Fridays Newsday follow the instructions below.  Don't forget to mention your favorite Mopar Club :)

With the weather getting warmer (hopefully!) and collectible cars coming out of hibernation, I want to encourage all owners and club members to submit their rides for possible placement in Newsday's "In the Garage" column appearing every Friday. 

We're interested in a wide range of vehicles, including antique, classic, street rod, rat rod, customs, exotics, domestic and foreign, future collectibles, military, and even motorcycles. (if I've left out any category, please ask about it).  

Submitting your car for the column is easy.  It takes just three steps:  

1.  Send a sharp, good quality photo by e-mail to  To see the quality of the photos we need, please take a look at the online version of the column at  

2.  Review the attached submission form and, along with the photo, send me answers to each question in the same e-mail.  The more information you can provide, the better the presentation of your vehicle and the quicker it is likely to appear. (Both the photo and answers should be sent directly to me at and should not be faxed or mailed to Newsday's office.)  

3.  Complete and sign the attached photo consent form and fax or mail it directly to Newsday.  Once you've sent the consent form, shoot me a confirming e-mail since I don't work in the Newsday office where the form is received.   We look forward to featuring some interesting cars this spring and summer.  I also look forward to seeing you at the shows.  Thanks, and have a great show season!  

Best,   David

Member With Some Good Info

Our own part number guru Steve K. has sent me a form to get out to the club. If you are looking to decode your 1930 - 1967 car or 1930 - 1954 truck, you can do so directly from Chrysler.  There is a fee involved.  See Chrysler Historical attachment. 



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