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Club calendar updated 10/12/2019


Saturday, October 19th - 10AM - 4PM
Former Sears parking lot across from Broadway Mall
- 195 North Broadway (near intersection of Routes 106 and 107) - Map of location here.

With the assistance from our Club, I am looking to help out with a fundraiser for a wonderful Charitable organization. This organization is a Pet Shelter called Pets4Luv Foundation.

Pets4Luv is a grass roots, all volunteer organization that will take in and adopt abandoned /injured/abused animals and find them warm and loving homes.

All proceeds go to housing, feeding and supplying medical care to these animals until they can find that new and loving home.

The Shelter just lost their lease and is looking for a new Home to house and care for these precious animals. Not only will this be a car show, but animals will also be up for adoption too.

Donations (tax deductible) are $20/car and $5 per spectator. There will be show trophies, a DJ, Raffles and food will be available.

This should be a great event and I ask all Members to think about these poor animals that are out in the cold without a warm and loving home.
Please see the flyer

A few entertaining automotive related links:

The story of a son's search for the 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS sold by his father years earlier.  

Film of automotive assembly line taken in 1936.


A group of drag racers has created for fellow racing enthusiasts looking to get drag racing back on Long Island.  Check 'em out!

Below is a message from Bill Carberry:

To any car club members or classic car hobbyists out there that have not heard of SEMA, this is what it is all about. Us getting a voice with state and federal government officials to voice our opinions on what is important to our hobby. Protecting our hobby from those that do not know or care about classic vehicles.  

If you want to have a voice you should join SAN (SEMA Action Network). Please see the attached form, print it out and then go on the SAN site and join up (click on 'Click here to join'). It is free and will help our hobby in having a voice that government officials will not want to ignore.  

Interesting MOPAR Video (About 9 minutes) - Mopars: Junkyard Wrecks to Street Kings

Submitting your car to Newsday

Below is a E-mail from our friend Dave at Newsday.

If you would like to see your car featured in Fridays Newsday follow the instructions below.  Don't forget to mention your favorite Mopar Club :)

With the weather getting warmer (hopefully!) and collectible cars coming out of hibernation, I want to encourage all owners and club members to submit their rides for possible placement in Newsday's "In the Garage" column appearing every Friday. 

We're interested in a wide range of vehicles, including antique, classic, street rod, rat rod, customs, exotics, domestic and foreign, future collectibles, military, and even motorcycles. (if I've left out any category, please ask about it).  

Submitting your car for the column is easy.  It takes just three steps:  

1.  Send a sharp, good quality photo by e-mail to  To see the quality of the photos we need, please take a look at the online version of the column at  

2.  Review the attached submission form and, along with the photo, send me answers to each question in the same e-mail.  The more information you can provide, the better the presentation of your vehicle and the quicker it is likely to appear. (Both the photo and answers should be sent directly to me at and should not be faxed or mailed to Newsday's office.)  

3.  Complete and sign the attached photo consent form and fax or mail it directly to Newsday.  Once you've sent the consent form, shoot me a confirming e-mail since I don't work in the Newsday office where the form is received.   We look forward to featuring some interesting cars this spring and summer.  I also look forward to seeing you at the shows.  Thanks, and have a great show season!  

Best,   David

Member With Some Good Info

Our own part number guru Steve K. has sent me a form to get out to the club. If you are looking to decode your 1930 - 1967 car or 1930 - 1954 truck, you can do so directly from Chrysler.  There is a fee involved.  See Chrysler Historical attachment. 



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