Welcome to Long Island Mopars, your home to the largest Mopar car club on Long Island!

Our club was founded in 2006 and has grown to over 1,300 of the finest Mopar folks you will ever come to know.  And best of all, we have kept membership in our club completely dues-free!

How do we do it?  Simple; we are a club run by some very dedicated members that are committed
to the enjoyment of our hobby. Thanks to all of you that come out and represent Long Island Mopars at cruise meets and car shows.

Our Charter:

Members come first. This club is about you.

Everyone is invited to submit ideas on events that
they would like to see happen, or activities they
would like to help put together (especially charitable ones).

If you want to see some very cool videos of club meets and activities that we've conducted as a Mopar family, check out our YouTube channel and Facebook page!



If you are interested in joining our club, please see our "
Contact Us" page.

Thanks from Long Island Mopars!