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Bill Bartasek Auto Repair for Your Classic Mopar!

Bill is a Long Island Mopars club member and recently opened his own mechanics shop in Huntington. You have likely seen Bill in one his numerous rides, like the 5-speed Hemi Ram, Pinks All-Out Duster, or most recently, a blue Dart Swinger that was saved from being crushed. He also specializes in A-body parts/

Give Bill a call or send him an email. You'll be glad you did.

Phone; 631-921-5022
[added August 23, 2009]
For the very best information on the Long Island collectible car scene, please visit our very own Pete Giordano's website.
R&R Seats Inc in Plainview, NY is the official upholstery shop of Long Island MOPARS, and they're offering a 10% discount to members!  Click here for more details about their services.