August 5th, 2011 at "Hot Rod" Burger King with guest Herb McCandless:

Long Island Mopars Members,

I can only say WOW !!!!  Sorry to say if you missed this one you missed a great one !!!!

We had racing legend (and club member) Herb McCandless and his wife Marie join us for the evening at Hot Rod Burger King.  Herb was more than happy to autograph everyone's cars, (also brought his own photographs for an autograph) and graciously took pics with everyone.  A true professional !!!!

I had closed the door on my own car, and walked away not realizing it didn't latch properly.  Someone made mention of it to me.  I turn around and Herb was looking at the latch to see what he could do to help. 

Everyone had a blast and Herb and Marie have a yearly invite to come back again !!!!!


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