Long Island MOPARS Hall of Fame

Here we will honor those who go "above and beyond" for The Club or the causes supported by The Club.

February 19th, 2011

In our first installment, Rich Fiore spent some time at a Bone Marrow Drive on February 19th, 2011 where they raised some money and took in approximately 138 quick and easy swab samples for some kids with life threatening illnesses. A big thanks to Rich, members Andy, Tony, Tom (The Club's master tranny man) and his wife Debbie.

Great job guys !!!!  

Andy, 2/19/2011 Bone Marrow Drive

Andy (68 GTX) was happy to give the quick swab and  donate.


Tom and Debbie, 2/19/2011 Bone Marrow Drive 

Tom (the tranny man) and Debbie came down to contribute. 


 Steve, 2/19/2011 Bone Marrow Drive

Steve (69 GTX Conv) also came down, made a nice donation ... and jumped on his boat afterwards. Well maybe not. 

Not pictured is club member Tony A.  He gave a quick swab and also made a nice donation








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