Members B body cars!

Rich F's 1970 Plymouth Superbird:

Rich F's story (Rich is our club President)...

"Hello Members.  In 2003 a co-worker had noticed a Superbird model on my desk.  He mentioned that a neighbor used to have one of "those cars". I asked for the address of the house figuring the owner  might still have it.  He could only give me the street name and tell me it was diagonally across from his old apartment.  I cruised down the street and was stopped in my tracks when I saw what looked like a wing through the garage door windows. I backed up and sure enough it was.  

Another day Club V.P. Tony and myself pull up in front of his house with my other Bird (a great  "conversation piece") planning on knocking on his door.  I no sooner got out of the car and the owner came running out in amazement. He had pretty much kept to himself and had probably not seen another Bird in many years.

 I asked if he wanted to sell but he stated not yet. Eventually a week before Xmas in 2009 he decided to sell (after changing his mind 2 years prior  due to nerves, understandable since he is the original owner for almost 40 years ).  On Xmas day I went to pick it up.  The deal was done. He also stated that there was no build sheet. When I got it home I had to check for myself...and  with help from club members Chris and Sal, we started to remove the back seat.  The seat was half out and I stated to Chris its not there.  As Chris pulled it out further I hear him scream "paper!!".  Sure enough it was there and really made my Christmas.

 I have since put on some new wheels and tires and done some brake and carb work with more planned." 


Chris's 1968 Plymouth Road Runner:

Chris's story...

"My name is Chris.  I am the entertainment director for L.I. MOPARS. My car is a 1968 Pymouth Roadrunner. It's a factory 383 4-speed post car, turbine bronze, which is the second rarest color for that year. I am not the original owner, but I know the two previous owners, one of whom repeatedly asks me to sell it back to him!  I have had the car repainted, and have completed some additional cosmetic and mechanical work .The car has all original matching numbers, and the original sheet metal. It's a blast to drive!"


Andy's 1974 Dodge Charger and 1966 Dodge Coronet:

Andy's (your co-webmaster's) story...

"Hi everyone.  My name is Andy and I am the second owner of this unrestored Dodge Charger.  I've owned her since Feburary of 1998. She was purchased from the widow of the original owner.  Under the hood is a bone stock 318, 2 barrel. The only changes that have been made are dual exhaust and as of October 2010, a set of 15x7 Mopar Magnum GT rims; the original 14" rims with full wheel covers and the Goodyear Dynaglass belted spare are in storage.  There are also coil-over Gabriel shocks in the rear along with a set of helper springs to support the sagging stock leafs . She was featured in the January 2004 edition of the magazine, Hemmings Muscle Machines."

Andy also adds the story behind his 1966 Dodge Coronet:

"Hi everyone. This is my other pride and joy; my Dad's 1966 Dodge Coronet 500. My mom and dad bought the Coronet new in September 1966; it was a dealer leftover as the 67's were already out. It came from Helms Bros. Dodge in Bayside, Queens, NY (now a Mercedes Benz dealer).

I grew up in this car; it went on all of our family vacations and took my Dad to work throughout his working career. When he retired in 1995, the Coronet was retired, too, at that point serving yeoman duty as a backup car in the event the two other daily drivers gave trouble.

In 2005, I wrote an article about my Dad's relationship with the Coronet, which was published in Hemmings Motor News in October 2005.

My wife and I had the article framed and it was presented as a gift to my Dad. It hung in my parent's bedroom until my Dad's passing in January 2011.

I brought the Coronet home on my Mom's birthday, at which point it turned 202k miles. My plans are to slowly freshen her up and use her as a tribute to my dad."

Andy's dad's car was featured in the Friday "Automobiles" section of Long Island Newsday in January of 2013.  Click the thumbnail (below) to see the full sized image.


Alan's 1970 Dodge Charger:

Alan's 1970 "Sublime" Charger (440/4speed) is on display at the Collector Car Showcase Museum in Oyster Bay through May.  The museum is right near the cruise night Oyster bay has on Tuesday nights during the summer.

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