Member rides!

We will feature photos and the stories behind our members vehicles here. 

Photos are organized by MOPAR body designation (A, B, C, E, etc) or other categories, and may be viewed through the links shown below.  If you're a member of Long Island MOPARS and would like to be included here, please send one or more high resolution photos to along with your name and anything you'd like to say about your car.  If your car doesn't fit into one of the existing categories, congratulations(!), and we'll create a category for you. 

"A"-body models include:

1964-76 Plymouth Valiant,1964-69 Plymouth Barracuda, 1970-76 Plymouth Duster, 1972-76 Plymouth Scamp 1964-76 Dodge Dart, 1971-72 Dodge Demon, 1973-76 Dodge Dart Sport, 1969-76 Dodge Dart Swinger

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"B"-body models include:

1965-70 Plymouth Belvedere, 1965-74 Plymouth Satellite, 1968-74 Plymouth Road Runner, 1970 Plymouth Superbird, 1967-71 Plymouth GTX, 1965-74 Dodge Coronet, 1968-71 Dodge SuperBee,1966-74 Dodge Charger, 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

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"C"-body models include:

All 1965-74 full-size Chrysler models (Newport, New Yorker, Imperial), 1965-74 full size Dodge and Plymouth models (Polara, Monaco, Fury, Sport Fury, etc.)

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"E" body models include:

1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda and 1970-1974 Dodge Challenger

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"LX" and "LY" body models include:

2005 and up Dodge Charger, Magnum, Challenger and Chrysler 300.

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Front Wheel Drive category includes:

All front wheel drive Chrysler Corporation products


Truck category includes:

All Chrysler Corporation rear or four wheel drive trucks including Jeep.

1950s MOPARs:

All 1950s MOPARs.

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AMC Vehicles:

All AMC vehicles except Jeep.

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